radio antenna / microwave / omnidirectional
PE51129, PE51130 Pasternack Enterprises, Inc.



  • Network:

    radio, microwave

  • Type:


  • Frequency:

    Max.: 6.4 GHz

    Min.: 1.7 GHz

  • Gain:

    9 dB


Fixed vertical omnidirectional antenna PE51129 from Pasternack is part of our extensive in-stock omnidirectional radio antenna selection. This vertical omni-directional antenna has a frequency range of 4.4 GHz to 6.4 GHz and a 9 nominal dBi gain. Our omni vertical antenna uses SMA input and is rated for 50 Watts input.

PE51129 omni-directional vertical radio antenna is one of over 40,000 RF, microwave and millimeter wave components supplied from Pasternack. Our fixed omni directional vertical aerial can be bought and shipped worldwide the same-day as with our other in-stock RF parts.