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hook shot blasting machine / for metal / automatic / sheet metal
DSC 000001 Paul Auer



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for metal

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, sheet metal



Extreme versatility of materials to be blasted with high pass through rate

DELTA type turbine blasting systems are distinguished by the extreme versatility of their applications and sizes of workpieces to be processed. Turbines with drive motors adapted to the blasting task enable high pass through rates. Versatile cluster dimensions allow flexible adaptation to the operation-specific workpiece range. Blasting of the workpiece surfaces from all sides is realized by an automatic left-right rotating motion of the cluster in the blasting room and shifting the cluster in front of the turbines on adjustable pivots.

Car body parts, rims, burr removing of forged, cast, pressed or welded workpieces, finishing of aluminum or VA parts, roughening

Robust steel construction, protective amoring made of Ni-hard, rubber lining for protection

- Frequency controller for turbine blasting
- Automatic loading and unloading devices
- Magnetic separator
- Dust separator with filter cartridges, also in explosion-proof version
- PLC program controller