finishing cutting insert / PCD / CVD / square
ISO-CCGT series Paul Horn



  • Function:


  • Material:

    PCD, CVD

  • Other characteristics:

    square, with chipbreaker


Diamond tipped with HORN chip breakers .HN and .HS

Other features include:

Geometry .H6 positive rake angle
Geometry .H0 neutral rake angle (ISO standardization ... W)
Wiper (wide finishing) geometry
Maximum chip cross sections through make-stocked and full-face designs
Improved machining of aluminum wrought alloys
The wear resistance of CVD-D significantly exceeds that of PCD. The reason for this is that it does not have
a metallic binding chamfer and the fact that it has a resulting diamond component of almost 100 per cent.
Individual, monocrystalline diamond grains are deposited from gas and grow together so that they cannot be
separated to form a solid, polymeric diamond layer.

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