laboratory scale / with LCD display
PCE-LSM series PCE Instruments



  • Type:


  • Display type:

    with LCD display

  • Weight range:

    Max.: 6,000 g (211.6 oz)

    Min.: 2,000 g (70.5 oz)


Thanks to its changeable measuring unit (gram, kilogram, carat and percentage), this laboratory scale can be used within various applications. Integrated with an RS-232- interface and a software kit as an optional choice. This laboratory scale has three models, the weight range starting from 0 to 200 gram, 0 to 2000 gram or 0 to 6000 gram. The scales are noted for maintaining the weighing and verification requirements as mandated by class II balances and pill counters. This scale is mainly used in pharmaceutical uses and hence provide ultimate safety to users. The pharmacist can instantly do a re-zero after adding each ingredient into a compound and have accurate measurements. This product can be used in big and small pharmacies with great results.