digital oscilloscope / portable / multi-channel
PCE-OC 2 PCE Instruments



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The handheld Oscilloscope PCE-OC 2 is a multi featured and multipurpose instrument, combined out of an oscilloscope and a true RMS multi meter, the bandwidth of the hand oscilloscope multi meter can reach up to 10 MHz, the hand oscilloscope multi meter is designed for quick and portable usage and is suitable thanks to its versatile features for error detection, this meter is an ideal companion for all service technicians on site or in any electrical workshop, the brightness of the LCD display of the hand oscilloscope multi meter PCE-OC 2 which has a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels can be adjusted in three stages and adapt to the user or location, furthermore the hand oscilloscope multi meter has an internal memory in which both up to 100 vibration progressions and measured values can be stored, the integrated multi meter is equipped with the standard functions of voltage, current and resistance measurement plus diode and ontinuity tests and also has additional functions the frequency and capacitance measurement, the USB interface allows transmission of the measured values to a PC.

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