triaxial accelerometer / MEMS / vibrating / low-frequency
CHB 1110 / CHB 1126 PCH Engineering A/S



  • Number of axes:


  • Technology:

    MEMS, vibrating

  • Other characteristics:



We offer two 3-directional low frequency accelerometers CHB 1110 (6g) or CHB 1126 (16g) for seismic and structural monitoring of vibrations in machinery or buildings.

CHB 1110 and CHB 1126 have a M12 8-pole connector and are suitable for measuring in the range of 0.1-500/1000 Hz. Sensitivity is 100 mV/g or 300 mV/g. Housing is made of 316 stainless steel.

These two PCH Low Frequency Accelerometers are intended for the use in PCH 1420 Vibration Monitor, where selective bandpass filters and 4-20 mA outputs or alarm relays can be configured. For offline spectrum analysis PCH 1420 can perform a time waveform recording from all three directions in real-time and store this data on a normal user PC.

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