Electronic vibration sensor / compact
PCH 1106 PCH Engineering A/S


  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Frequency:

    Min.: 10 Hz

    Max.: 1000 Hz


With the use of PCH 1106 Vibration sensor introduced by PCH Engineering, it is now economically possible to measure and monitor the vibration level of simple rotating machinery. They monitor a machine permanently thus reducing the need for human intervention. They can be compared to electronic watch-dogs. It’s an attractive alternative for the users who want to prevent damages caused by vibrations to their machines due to unbalance and misalignment. Due to the same reason, a bearing damage occurs often as well. Most machines runs for a very long time with very high vibration level and it is the most common reason that causes machines crashes and down time.

It will be very unwise if you decide not to buy a PCH Vibration sensor due to price. Often we have seen we need to spend extra unexpected expenses on machine repairs, which leads to more economic loss due to the halt in production. Hence you’ll be able to avoid such dilemmas by getting a PCH Vibration Sensor.


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