seismic monitoring system / vibration / condition with diagnostics / condition for machines
PCH 1026 PCH Engineering A/S



  • Type:

    condition for machines, condition with diagnostics, vibration, seismic

  • Applications:

    for machine protection, alarm, turbine, for bearings, for wind turbines, bearing, diagnostic

  • Other characteristics:

    real-time, RS485, RS232, control system, measuring system, PROFIBUS, low-frequency


The PCH 1026 comprises of a test function which can be used to test both the internal sensors (accelerometers) as well as the outputs of the monitor. It reports to any connected controller by means of the System Failure relay and the serial port. Details concerning the cause of the System Failure can be found using the comprehensive information list in the supplied PC program. The test can also be performed automatically. In the PC program you can set how often the test should be performed. E.g. once pr. day or week, etc. In addition, The said product provides far more precise electronically surveillance of the wind turbine than today's existing mechanical and electronic detectors, thus resulting in fewer faulty shutdowns and a more economical power production.