condition monitoring system / vibration / measurement / for machine protection
PCH 1073 PCH Engineering A/S



  • Type:

    condition, vibration

  • Applications:

    measurement, for machine protection, process, gas, turbine, for pumps, for bearings, for compressors

  • Other characteristics:

    real-time, digital, online, measuring system, low-frequency, proximity, continuous


The PCH 1073 is a continuous vibration monitoring system, manufactured by PCH Engineering A/S. This product is applicable in the surveillance of vibration levels in machinery, and detecting unbalanced bearings, and other bearing faults.

This monitor functions within two continuously running frequency bands that are configurable from 0.7 Hz to 11.5kHz. It contains a low-frequency band vibration monitor that is based on DIN/ISO 10816. The crest factor and kurtosis are the suitable scales for the monitoring of roller bearings. There is a possibility for one transducer to monitor both unbalanced bearings and bearing failures continuously. This monitor has windows software for parameter set up, time wave streaming and off line. It is also compatible to connect with a RS-485 net.