Flat bellows / metal / machine / for machining centers


  • Form:


  • Material:


  • Applications:

    machine, for machining centers

  • Other characteristics:

    welded, finned


Thermic-welded protection bellows can be successfully used on any machine tool. They are rampantly found in machining centers and chip-removing machines. To prevent the bellows from getting affected by hot shavings, users can use a metal shielding, also called plates. PEI releases several choice options for people looking for plate fasteners. One such fastening is the Spring Fixing fastening system, patented by the company and consisting of springs fitted in special clamps. This will keep the plates locked and stacked on one on top of other so contaminants and shavings wont enter. These can be rotated to 90° to keep the fastenings tight and easy to handle.


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