protective shield / for machine tools / abrasion-resistant / oil-resistant
X-Y SP-2R P.E.I.



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    protective, for machine tools, abrasion-resistant, oil-resistant, ceramic-coated


The X-Y Sheet-Pocket™-2R SHIELD is a device that offers all the advantages of the more popular X-Y 4R SHIELD and even more, representing the most reliable system when it comes to applications that require work area protection. It can be used on both vertical and horizontal machining centers, in environments where large quantities of hot shavings are produced.

The system can be mounted on a SHEET-POCKET steel cover on the Y-axis, as well as two rollers on the X-axis using Ceramix bands. The bands are very resistant and covered by a high ceramic polymer coating, being reliable and ensuring excellent resistance against the impact of hot shavings at the same time. Note that the product is also resistant against mineral oils, coming with excellent abrasion resistance and very good shear strength. Finally, the compact size and light design are other important additions.