combustion engine imaging system / for real-time CCTV monitoring
Esprit Ti series PELCO



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    combustion engine, for real-time CCTV monitoring


The Esprit TI series represents a fully integrated, single addressable thermal imaging PTZ system that was developed by combining the advantages of advanced thermal imaging device and highly accurate Esprit Positioning System. These units are based around an uncooled, vanadium oxide microbolometer, long wave infrared (LWIR) camera, capable of 320x240 video resolution, with a 38 µm pixel size. These models feature 2X digital zoom, support for multiple display formats (white hot, black hot, and an array of color signatures), user programmable camera settings, two lens options (35 and 50 mm) and zone blanking.
The TI series includes two models ES30TI and TI2500, with sensitivity less than 40 mK at f/1.0 and 85 mK at f/1.4, respectively. The later model is a fixed version, equipped with sun shroud and integrated heater (thermostatically controlled) as standard.