LVDT displacement sensor
5-150 mm | IP66 | AF111 PENNY GILES CONTROLS

Suitable for clamp mounting, the AF111 range have a threaded, unguided core assembly to simplify installation.
For optimum performance, we recommend the use of the purpose designed signal conditioning modules to operate this LVDT:-
SCM100 - DIN Rail mounting
UCM - Universal Conditioning Module, with IP68 protected metal enclosure.
The design of the AF111 LVDT has evolved from technology and experience gained in over 30 years in the bespoke aerospace / military sensor market, where performance and reliability under extreme operating conditions are paramount. The transducer coil has been specifically designed to reduce overall transducer length and to enable high accuracy ratiometric operation, as well as being able to operate in the "Differential Output" configuration.
Suited to numerous industrial applications such as vehicle research, test rigs and OEM machinery.

Key Features
Small transducer body length to stroke ratio
Temperature error less than 35ppm/°C
Welded stainless steel construction, sealed to IP66
Absolute measurement
Infinite resolution