compact enclosure / rectangular / steel / cooling
11890-152 Pentair Technical Solutions GmbH



  • Construction:


  • Configuration:


  • Material:


  • Application:

    cooling, microTCA card

  • Width:

    19 in

  • Depth:

    373 mm


Conforms to PICMG MTCA.4 R1.0 specification
84 HP system for 12 double full-size AdvancedMC modules, 2 single full-size MCHs, and 4 / 2 single full-size-power modules
6 rear transition module pin positions for double full-size RTMs
1 single full-size slot for a JTAG switch module (JSM)
Backplane with dual-star topology
2 hot-swap fan modules with cooling unit manager (CU EMMC)
Optional fan speeds for front and rear sections can be separately adjusted via the MCH
Air filter that can be changed on the front

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