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Linear valve actuator / hydraulic / double-acting
max. 1500 psi | B-HP Pentair Valves & Controls


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General applications
Designed specifically for automating quarter-turn pipeline valves, providing control for any quarter-turn ball, plug or butterfly valve application.

Features & Benefits:

High pressure construction eliminates undesirable regulators and relief valves for supply pressures up to 1,500 psig.
Hydraulic dampening provides smooth ‘open-close’ operation to prevent detrimental valve slamming.
Ductile iron housing provides long product life with durable, cost effective operation.
Cylinders of 316 stainless steel provide unrivaled corrosion resistance.
Output shaft made of high strength alloy steel transmits torque without
Sintered bronze bushings or sealed needle bearings on output shaft eliminate side loading of valve stem to maximize stem packing performance.
Chrome-plated steel piston rod provides strength and corrosion resistance for enduring high-cycle applications.


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