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Hydraulic valve actuator / quarter-turn / double-acting / piston
2 - 22", 150 - 3 000 psi | GIG/GIGS Pentair Valves & Controls


  • Type:


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  • Other characteristics:

    for high-torque applications


Double Acting and Spring Return Direct Gas Quarter-turn Actuators Output Torques to 6,500,000 lb.in.
Features & Benefits:

Separate gas and hydraulic cylinders prevent commingling of gas and oil, eliminating any possibility of oil release to the atmosphere during the opening or closing cycle.
Scotch yoke mechanism generates high break torque for the actuation of quarter-turn pipeline valves.
Totally enclosed, weatherproof carbon steel housing protects the critical internal components against corrosive elements.
Heavily chrome plated guide bar provides support for the transverse forces generated during rotation of the scotch yoke, ensuring proper support of the piston rod and valve stem.


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