design software / control / for marking / Windows
PMS penteq



  • Function:

    design, control

  • Applications:

    for marking

  • Operating system:



The control and operation is carried out via a PenSoft software specially developed for the laser application, which is easy to use after a short instruction. The software interface is based on the long-term developed and tested PENTEQ framework, which is continuously improved and further developed.

Optimized for touchscreen
User levels
High Usability
Various objects (texts, codes, serial number, graphics, etc.)
Import function for all common formats
Direct control of x/y/z or rotation axes
Data logging
Based on PENTEQ framework – continuous further development
Split layout

The layout is created via an intuitive editor, which offers all common possibilities to create a perfectly adapted and designed layout. Here you use the drag and drop of the individual objects and can position them freely in the marking field. Of course, design possibilities such as scaling, grouping, as well as the use of different Layerebenen are possible. As with all programs from the house Penteq, the software was developed with very high user-friendly features and also optimized for touchscreen operation.

Windows 10 is used as the operating system.

Import filters allow the transfer of existing data. Laser parameters can be stored and managed easily and clearly.

All common barcodes and ID-matrix code can be displayed.