object detection vision sensor
VLD700, VLM350 series Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH



  • Applications:

    for object detection


Area Monitoring Sensors

The SmartRunner Detector is optimized for high-precision monitoring of areas and detects even the smallest objects. With this area monitoring sensor, users can easily protect sensitive machine parts and ensure smooth processes. The sensor provides application-specific profile measurement with integrated evaluation, and integration and commissioning is fast and easy.
Profile Recognition Sensors

Profile Recognition Sensors

The SmartRunner Matcher is especially designed for comparison of object profiles and provides application-specific profile measurement with integrated evaluation in a compact housing. Due to its large detection field and easy teach-in of new reference contours, the profile recognition sensor can be quickly adapted to new application requirements.

Profile Measurement

The laser light section sensor LineRunner LR300 allows highly accurate profile measurement using the proven laser light method. The vision sensor is classified as laser class 1. Integrated illumination control allows the LR300 to reliably compensate for difficult color and contrast lines as well as changing surface appearances.