Data-matrix positioning system
max. 10 km | PCV PEPPERL & FUCHS

The PCV Data Matrix Positioning System from Pepperl+Fuchs is a positioning system that uses data matrix codes to determine precise positioning. The heart of the system is the read head. It consists of a camera module with a built-in light unit. It reads and decodes the position marks that are printed as two-dimensional Data Matrix codes on a self-adhesive code strip.

The code strip is usually attached to the wall of an elevator shaft or the mounting rail of a monorail. The sensor head is then mounted on a parallel moving "vehicle," at the elevator car or at the chassis of a monorail, for example.

The code strip can be up to 10 km long. This positioning system can be used in very large facilities without restriction. With comprehensive and easy programming and configurable inputs and outputs, the read head can be optimally adapted to the particular application.


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