plastic 3D printer / metal / ceramic / FDM
PEK-20 Perfect Laser Co., Ltd. (China)



  • Printed material:

    plastic, metal, ceramic

  • Heating technology:


  • Applications:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-performance, high-speed

  • X travel:

    290 mm

  • Y travel:

    320 mm

  • Z travel:

    325 mm


Widely used in jewelry, dental, animation toys, small accessories and other industries.

★ Technical Specification

Overall Weigh:4.8Kg
Overall Dimension:290*320*325mm
Parts Package Dimension:350*290*150mm
XY Precision:0.012mm
Each Layer Precision:0.1~0.4mm adjustable.
Print Speed:<200mm/s
Frame Structure:Special Aluminum
Printing Consumables:PLA, Flexible glue, Wood, Metal Consumables 1.75mm, optional color
File Format:STL、OBJ
Operation System:Win7、8,XP,MAC,Linux
Operation Software:Cura,Repetier-Host
Off-line print:Trans-flash Card
Power Supply:12V

★ Features & Advantages

1.Light and portable, convenient to use.
2.It bears the nation’s first linear bearing system. The movement is more stable and ultra quiet.
3. 12V voltage input, safe and reliable.
4.It has many patented technologies. Technology is guaranteed.
5.The unique extrusion mechanism of MK10 makes it adapted to various printing materials.
6.Frame structure is more stable, and printing quality is higher.
7.The Z axis adopts the anti backlash nut, which effectively solves the FDM layer.