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PM-700 Perfect Laser Co., Ltd. (China)

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inkjet printing machine inkjet printing machine - PM-700


  • Printing technology:




Printing Material: Metal, plastic, wood, aluminum foil, carton, building materials and other materials.

Applicable products: Such as mobile phone display, drink bottle cap, food packaging bags, kit, steel doors and windows, aluminum, batteries,
PVC plastic pipe, steel, circuit boards, chips, textile bags, brakes, mobile phone cover, cardboard boxes, motors, transformers, water trays, gypsum board, PCB circuit boards, tiles, marble, etc.


1. 7-inch full-color touch screen, operate the printer by touch screen instead of the traditional keyboard, both handwriting and letter input are OK, just operate inkjet printer like use your cellphone.

2. Human-computer interaction program, simple and user-friendly interface, simple operation, easy to learn, you will be able to operate this printer if you can operate a smart phone.

3. No need connect with computer, you can edit graphic text at will, high-quality printing effect.

4. More than 30 Chinese and English fonts are included, any TTF font on your computer can be customized and input to use.It can print bar code, QR code, including QR Code.

★Product Features

1. Adopt embedded WINCE operating system, no need to PC controlling. With LCD large color touch screen, which make the operation more easy and convenient.

2. Embedded with many vector typeface and word-bank, and the character height and dot size can be adjusted freely.

3. It can print text, graph, time and date, expiry date, serial number and bar code at the same time.

4. Widely used in food, chemical products, alcohol and tobacco, construction machinery, electronic, auto parts, beverage, medical, rubber industry etc.