inkjet printing machine / multi-color / for paper / for ceramics
PE-S60 Perfect Laser Co., Ltd. (China)



  • Printing technology:


  • Color:


  • Applications:

    for paper, for ceramics

  • Printing speed:

    Min.: 4 p/h

    Max.: 18 p/h


Perfect Laser has many years of experience in the wall mural printer machine industry, strong technical strength, advanced production technology, is the industry leader in the wall mounted printer.Perfect Laser newly developed a vertical small wall mural printer machine. No need to move the machine during the inkjet process, and the printing accuracy is very high. Due to the use of high-quality ink, the finished inkjet product is full-color and full-color. The 3D vertical wall printing machine is well received by customers because of its excellent quality and perfect after-sales service.
Product features:
1. This 3D vertical wall printing machine is equipped with a brushless servo motor control system, with no raster bar, vector positioning function. And the motor is free of carbon brushes, eliminating the need for maintenance, regular replacement, cleaning, and worrying about garbled graphics after wear. Make the painting faster and the finished product better.
2. The wall mural printer machine use the most advanced technologies such as high-definition piezoelectric ink jet technology and variable ink drop technology are used. These technologies improve the accuracy, sharpness, and beauty of the picture, and also increase the delicateness of the indoor color painting surface and the working speed of outdoor painting.
3. The wall mural printer machine's actual screen size height is 2000mm, and the width is not limited. The operation does not require splicing or the location of the mobile machine. Customers who need large format, no longer have to worry about the size of the format.