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Atomic absorption spectrometer
AAnalyst™ 200 PerkinElmer, Inc.


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    atomic absorption


The AAnalyst 200 spectrometer provides an enhanced level of simplicity and flexibility to flame atomic absorption (AA). AA analysis is placed at the user's fingertips with the large, color LCD touch screen. Operating parameters can be chosen by touching the screen. The touch screen offers numerous features which have never been available before on low-cost AA systems by leveraging the power of Microsoft Windows CE.

Setup and running of the samples is easy as the AAnalyst 200 recognizes the cableless Lumina HCL lamps fro PerkinElmer and their operating parameters instantly. The lamp is automatically aligned in the built-in turret and can recall a stored method and start the analysis by simply touching the flame-ignite button. The patented electrodeless discharge lamps (EDLs) can be switched, and these provide a longer life and higher light output.


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