braking chopper
6 - 30 A, IP20 | VersiBrake L (LP) / LT Series PETER Electronic




start braking via detection of motor voltage and via motor contactor (double safety)
overload protection
braking current cutoff after motor standstill
braking current control
automatic remanence time optimization
braking current infinitely adjustable 10-100%
potential-free output for motor contactor interlocking during braking; also usable to energize the star contactor during braking
standstill threshold adjustable, individual adaptable to different motor types


DC braking with one-way rectification
suitable for all asynchronous motors and for mono phase motors
controlled by microcontroller
easy mounting, also for retrofitting into existing plants
wear-resistant and maintenance-free
integrated braking contactor
printed circuit-board version with fault signalling contact
for snap-on mounting onto 35mm DIN rail
degree of protection: case version IP 20, printed circuit-board version (LP) IP 00
meets trade assoc. requirements for category 2 acc. to EN 954-1 according to the test principles of woodworking machines GS-HO-01 and is already certified

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