clean room monitoring system / environmental
ADPC 302 Pfeiffer Vacuum



  • Applications:

    for clean rooms, environmental


Utilized for particle contamination monitoring in the semi-conductor industry, the ADPC 302 is a unique in-process contamination management system which offers efficient particle monitoring.

Defects can be caused by submicrometer particles which may lead to a substantial yield loss. The structure of semiconductor chips can even be damaged by the smallest of particles which measure just 0.1 µm. The number of particles is measured by the innovative ADPC 302 in wafer transport carriers, such as Front Opening Unified Pod (FOUP) and Front Opening Shipping Box (FOSB). Particles are localized and counted by the fully automated patented process from the carrier surfaces, including the door.

This system can be utilized for both R&D analysis and serial production, as qualified by leading fabs. Carrier characterization, cleaning quality check and cleaning strategy optimization are the main applications.