Roots rotary lobe vacuum pump / Roots / lubricated / single-stage
HiLobe® Pfeiffer Vacuum



  • Technology:

    Roots rotary lobe, Roots

  • Lubrication:


  • Number of stages:




Intelligent, high-performing Roots pumps for low and medium
vacuum applications.

Due to the individual speed control, the Roots pumps of the innovative HiLobe® series offer a nominal pumping speed range of 520 - 2,100 m3/h and can be perfectly adjusted to customer-specific requirements.

■ Pumping speed range, depending on version, from 520 – 2,100 m³/h
■ Shortest pump-down times because of superior, next-generation drive concept
■ Intelligent interface technology allows process adjustment and condition monitoring (Industry 4.0)
■ Hermetically sealed pump with leak rate of < 1 · 10^-6 Pa m³/s
■ Low operating costs because of state-of-the-art motor technology (IE4 standard)
■ Long service life and top operating safety thanks to intelligent condition monitoring