mass spectrometer / laboratory / gas / PMT
ThermoStar GSD 320 T series Pfeiffer Vacuum



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    gas, PMT


The ThermoStar GSD 320 T Gas Analyzer from Pfeiffer Vacuum is a modular, durable and reliable system that provides complete quantitative and qualitative gas analyses solutions. Owing to the design and use of high-quality, proven components, these can be adapted to cope with practically every measuring task.

To analyze gases at higher pressures, the OmniStar and ThermoStar analysis systems offer a perfectly coordinated system consisting of a PrismaPlus mass spectrometer, a heated and temperature-regulated gas inlet with a separation-free, pressure-reducing valve, dry-diaphragm vacuum pumping stations and a HiPace turbopump for total pressure measurement. It is ideal for the catalysis, fermentation, laser technology and semiconductor industry.