video corpo

scanning electron microscope / measuring / high-resolution / digital camera
Phenom Pro Phenom-World



  • Type:

    scanning electron

  • Technical applications:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-resolution, digital camera

  • Resolution:



The most advanced imaging models in the phenom series is the Phenom pro desktop SEM. The phenom pro generates hightech images with least intervention of user maintenance due to the CeB6 electron source which has high brightness and long life. The detection chain and back scattered electron detector (BSED) are adjusted to operate together. They provide incomparable signal to noise images on samples of large variety.

The pro suite system is advanced version and can be upgraded from phenom pro. The data collection and image interpretation are done automatically by various software applications in pro suite system. Fibermetric are automated classification and measurements of filter and fiber samples, 3D roughness reconstruction and automated image mapping is an automated way of collecting overview images of high resolution. A huge variety of sample holders is available for enabling fast loading of sample in the phenom. There are suitable containers of samples to be analysed from a range of moist biomaterials to long axial shaped ones.