video corpo

analysis microscope / scanning electron / X-ray / digital camera
Phenom ProX Phenom-World



  • Technical applications:

    for analysis

  • Type:

    scanning electron, X-ray

  • Other characteristics:

    digital camera

  • Resolution:

    14 nm


The Phenom ProX desktop scanning, electron microscope is the ultimate, ideal all-in-one imaging and X-Ray analysis instrument. Utilizing the help, the Phenom ProX desktop SEM, it is possible to physically examine sample structures and determine their elemental, fundamental composition. However, viewing three-dimensional images of infinitesimal, minuscule structures only resolves half of the problem while analyzing samples. Oftentimes, collection of data apart from the optical data available at hand is imperative, to enable identification of different elements in a particular specimen. This can be accomplished with the help of the Phenom ProX SEM's fully integrated and specifically devised EDS detector.

EDS is a technological breakthrough, which enables analysis of the X-Rays generated by bombarding the sample using an electron beam. The Phenom ProX system fully imbibes the EDS elemental analysis system, combining the X-ray detector and control software within one lucrative system. Such an Elemental Identification (EID) software package allows for programming of multiple point analysis, aiding with the identification of hidden elements, composing the sample.