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Cyan LED / SMD / round / subminiature
LXML-PE01 Series Philips Lumileds Lighting Company


  • Spectrum:


  • Mounting:


  • Shape:

    round, subminiature

  • Product applications:

    for lighting

  • Electrical power:

    Min.: 0.06 W

    Max.: 0.08 W


The LUXEON Rebel and LUXEON Rebel ES Color Portfolio contains saturated reds, brilliant blues, cyan, green, red-orange and amber. This Color Portolio offers an endless pallet of colors for designers to work with. All lighting projects will have increased dimension, liveliness and interest.

The Color Portfolio includes LUXEON Rebel green, royal-blue, cyan, red-orange, PC amber, blue, red and amber emitters, as well as LUXEON Rebel ES royal-blue. Brilliant saturated colors will be delivered by LUXEON emitters as well as LUXEON's engineered in-performance, reliability and quality.

The alluring, dynamic and reassuring lighting of LUXEON Rebel Color can beautify cities and transform urban nightscapes with architectural lighting. The light is lively and engaging. The possibilities are virtually endless due to the increased light output and efficacy found in all LUXEON Rebel color emitters.


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