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vulcanization conveyor belt fastener


  • Type:

    by vulcanization


Splices are the weakest point in an endless conveyor belt. The PHOENOCARE® SC splice monitoring system has been developed in order to protect the belt from a breakdown caused by a damaged splice. The PHOENOCARE® monitoring system is based on measuring the changes in the splice length. Magnets are integrated in the belt's edges on both sides, in front of every connection and behind it. Monitoring sensors record the location of these magnets. The measurement records the belt's speed and thus the spacing between the magnets.

The splice's elongation is determined during use from the difference between the previously established distance of the magnets and the measured distance. Damage to the belt is assumed when the splice length has reached an established critical value: the belt is then stopped in order to prevent the system from breaking down by the splice tearing apart. The system transmits all of the data and digital signals that are recorded by the sensors to a computer station which is integrated in the system's control unit. This evaluates the data, sets off alarm signals and stops the system.


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