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Miniature translation stage, ultrasonic piezo linear motor drive
max. 6 N, max. 50 mm | PILine® series Physik Instrumente

Application Examples

Quality assurance testing
Semiconductor testing
Mass storage device testing
Photonics packaging

M-683 precision micropositioning stages make use of PILine® ultrasonic piezo linear motors enabling a compact design and low profile. An integrated linear encoder enables closed-loop control with 0.1 µm resolution. The M-683 translation stages use paired crossed-roller bearings mounted on ground-aluminum profiles for better guiding accuracy. Integrated U-164 PILine®
linear motors provide push forces to 6 N and a maximum velocity of up to 350 mm/s. A vacuum version is available. The stages can be arranged to form compact XY systems. If an additional Z-axis is required, the M-110 micro-stage series (see link) is recommended due to its higher holding force. The M-683 design is scalable and can be extended to provide longer travel ranges to 300 mm.


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