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Piezoelectric nanopositioning stage / compact
P-753 LISA series Physik Instrumente


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Application Examples

Scanning microscopy
Photonics / integrated optics

The P-753 LISA (Linear Stage Actuators) high-speed nanopositioners can be used both as linear actuators or as translation stages. They are equipped with capacitive feedback sensors, frictionless, flexure guiding systems and high-performance piezo drives providing a positioning and scanning range of up to 38 µm with very fast settling time and extremely low tip/tilt error.

Direct-Drive Design for Fastest Response
The direct-drive design, together with careful attention to mass minimization, results in significant reduction in inertial recoil forces applied to the supporting structures, enhancing overall system response, throughput and stability with settling times in the millisecond range.

PI's proprietary capacitive sensors measure position directly and without physical contact. They are free of friction and hysteresis, a fact which, in combination with the positioning resolution of well under 1 nm, makes it possible to achieve very high levels of linearity. A further advantage of direct metrology with capacitive sensors is the high phase fidelity and the high bandwidth of up to 10 kHz.


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