6-axis micro-positioning system / hexapod / with parallel kinematics
max. 10 mm/s | F-206 series Physik Instrumente


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    with parallel kinematics


Powered by DC motors, Physik Instruments' H-206 precision alignment system boasts of a 6-axis parallel-kinematic design in a compact and robust model. Its reliability and dynamic positioning with a stable pivot point and software-adjustable build enables user-friendly operation. The system involves Macro programming with an an open source LabVIEW driver set, work space simulation, and Virtual Hexapod machine software, allowing users to modify the system according to their needs.

The analog interface/photometer cards are available for visible light (F-206.VVU), or infrared light range (F-206.iiU) with F-206.NCU fast piezo nano-alignment system for nanometer accuracy. The H.206.F12 series also includes the C-887.21 compact 6d vector controller.And lastly, Research and industry is the required field of application


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