microstepping motor controller / two-phase stepper / DC / digital
C-663.12 Physik Instrumente



  • Motor type:

    microstepping, two-phase stepper

  • AC/DC:


  • Other characteristics:

    digital, analog, open-loop, closed-loop, single-axis, 24-48V, high-resolution

  • Applications:


  • Input/output:

    4 digital outputs

  • Input voltage:

    Max.: 48 V

    Min.: 24 V

  • Output voltage:

    Max.: 48 V

    Min.: 0 V


High microstep resolution
Operating voltage up to 48 V
Closed-loop operation of 2-phase stepper motors
Support for external sensors
Daisy chain networking
Mercury Step controller for 2-phase stepper motors
1 axis. Microstep resolution: 1/2048 full step. Closed-loop operation. Point-to-point motion, trapezoidal velocity profile. Networkable via daisy chain.

Encoder inputs
Differential signal transmission for digital (A/B) encoder signals. TTL inputs for limit and reference point switches. Input for RS-422 signals for index switch.

USB and RS-232 for commanding. I/O lines (analog/digital) for automation. Interface for analog joystick.

Extensive functions, software support
Powerful macro command language. Nonvolatile macro storage, e.g., for stand-alone operation with autostart macro. Data recorder. ID chip detection for fast startup. PID controller, parameter changing during operation. Extensive software support, e.g., for NI LabVIEW, C, C++, MATLAB, Python. PIMikroMove user software.