Rotary piezoelectric motor / linear / ultrasonic
max. 0.5 N, max. 100 mm/s | PILine® series Physik Instrumente


  • Movement:

    rotary, linear

  • Technology:



Easy Mounting and Integration: Drive Electronics Already Included
Cost-Efficient OEM Drive for Medium and High Quantities
Force Generation up to 0.5 N
Self Locking at Rest
Velocity up to 100 mm/s
Fast Response: Full Stroke in
<100 ms
True Linear Motor: No Rotary Conversion Losses

PILine® OEM piezo motor compact drives are designed for the integration into miniaturized micromechanical systems and replace within those systems drive elements such as motor / spindle systems. Thereby the principle of the ultrasonicmotor allows significantly higher velocities. The very compact design and high push/pull and holding forces relative to the size of the drive are additional, fundamental advantages of piezo motors over classic drives.

The mechanical integration of OEM piezo drives in a positioning application is simple because the moving slider for load coupling and the piezo ceramic actuator are delivered already assembled and mounted as a unit on a PCB driver board. The piezo motor is driven via a TTL signal at a supply voltage of only 5 to 12 VDC.


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