Rotary damper / visco-elastic / for stepper motors
DMP 29 / 37 Phytron GmbH


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    for stepper motors


The DMP 29/37 is an inertial damper system, suitable for various stepper motors. In addition, it is possible to enjoy using the reliable damping component without any loss of torque, while the inertial damper can also improve the characteristics of the stepper motor applications, simply by the reduction of the settling times, as well as by supression of the system resonances. The design of the dampers is suitable for stepper motors of size 34 and 37, while these devices are often used in optical applications and several sensitive environments.

The inertial damper for stepper motors comes with a second shaft of size 32 or 42, while the external diameter between 29 and 37 mm and the ability to mount the product onto a motor shaft are other major advantages. Next, the headless screws are suitable for mounting in accordance to the ISO 4027 standards, while in terms of the environmental conditions, the ambient temperature supported is between 0 and 60 degrees Celsius. The item can be stored between -20 and 70 degrees Celsius.


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