Stepper motor motor controller / multi-axis
phyMOTION Phytron GmbH


  • Motor type:

    for stepper motors

  • Other characteristics:



The Multi-axis stepper motor controller phyMOTION Series is manufactured by Phytron GmbH. The products housing especially the bench, rail, sub rack or wall mounting is made of stainless steel that makes it durable. The main and secondary supply module has power that ranges from 24 VDC to 70 VDC. The product is electrically insulated with 24 VDC that is primarily for I/O, limit and reference switches. The main controller controls and administers up to 64 modules.

The program and register memory can store data up to 4 MB and the internal memory can be expanded through the use of future memory modules. It has script program administration and firmware administration for extra protection. Lastly, the products development environment is free of charge and the operating software is commonly utilized for the phytron phyMOTIONTM Controller.


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