Stepper motors amplifier
max. 2 A, 24 VDC | CLD+ Phytron GmbH

- Linear power stage for 2-phase stepper motors
- For ambitious positioning jobs in EMC-sensitive environments
- Plain text display and user interface
- Phase currents up to 2 APEAK / 24 VDC supply
- Step resolution up to 1/512 step
- Menu-driven input of the operation parameters and/or programmierung the power stage parameters via ServiceBus
- ServiceBus interface: USB point-to-point
- ServiceBus-Comm®: configuration and operation software for Windows®
- Opto-isolated inputs and outputs, 5 V or 24 V input logics
- Compact design with DIN-rail or wall mounting kit
- Fan for external 24 VDC supply mounted at the bottom side


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