Photon counter
150 Mbit/s | PQRNG 150 PicoQuant

* Quantum Random Number Generator based on photon arrival times
* Bit rate: 150 Mbits/s
* Interface: USB 2.0
* Software: driver and user library (DLL) for Windows XP, Vista and 7
* DLL demos and simple GUI for data retrieval to files
* Monte Carlo simulations
* Secure data encryption
* Gaming and lotteries

The PQRNG 150 is a new Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) based on the quantum randomness of photon arrival times. It provides turn-key usability, provable and long term statistical quality, and high speed. The design creates a new quality in the sense that it offers substantially higher bit rates than previous solutions available to the public. This has become possible by exploiting most recent photon timing instrumentation and state-of-the-art data processing in hardware. The post-processing algorithm applied to the raw data is based on solid predictions from information theory which guarantee conservation of randomness. This allows for the use of the delivered random numbers in unconditionally secure encryption schemes. The random numbers delivered by the PQRNG 150 have successfully passed the most stringent testing possible today. Results are published in Applied Physics Letters, Vol.098, 171105 (2011)


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