Photon counter / electronic
PQRNG 150 PicoQuant


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Quantum Random Number Generator based on photon arrival times
Bit rate: 150 Mbits/s
Interface: USB 2.0
Software: driver and user library (DLL) for Windows XP, Vista and 7
DLL demos and simple GUI for data retrieval to files

Randomness is an invaluable resource in many areas of science and technology ranging from Monte Carlo simulations to secure encryption methods. While computer generated random numbers can be used for some applications, they remain fundamentally non-random in the sense that anything generated by an algorithm is at least in principle predictable. However, quantum physics provides randomness which is unpredictable based on the fundamental laws of nature.

Based on the quantum randomness of photon arrival times
An accessible and convenient source of quantum randomness is ubiquitously available in the form of single photons. Several photon based random number generators utilizing quantum indeterminism have been proposed and realized in the recent past. However, with respect to commercial availability, not many implementations so far were reliable and/or cost efficient enough for routine use outside the physics laboratory.


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