olive oil production line
SPI series Pieralisi - Olive Oil Division

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olive oil production line olive oil production line - SPI series


  • Finished product:

    olive oil


The SPI plant, with its avant-garde technology for two-phase running, extremely high capacity and excellent yields, is a practical demonstration of total efficiency applied to olive oil extraction.

SPI 111 S

Installed power 88 CV - 65 kW
Crusher 40kW
Kneader capacity 4.000 L
Decanter SPI 111 S
Centrifugal separator Bravo Plutone

SPI 222 S

Installed power 126 CV - 93 kW
Crushing 40 kW
Kneader capacity 6.000 L
Decanter model SPI 222S
Vertical centrifugal separator Valente Marte