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Centrifugal separator / olive oil
MARTE Pieralisi - Olive Oil Division


  • Technology:


  • Separated substance:

    olive oil

  • Weight:

    1370 kg (3020.33 lb)

  • Width:

    1310 cm (515.75 in)


The MARTE Series of centrifugal separators from PIERALISI provides services without the costly downtimes. It employs the MASTER CIP system that allows the oil-processing season for cleaning without the need to dismantle the separators. Also, the cleaning operations can be done inside the bowl and on the plates without interrupting the machine or the processing operations, and even without dismantling the bowl. The oil is kept clear for the entire process due to the cleaning bowl at any moment, allowing the separation process to happen while the machine is at its peak.


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