centrifugal decanter / horizontal
BABY series Pieralisi - Separation Solutions Division



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The Baby Series decanter centrifuges features result to all problems in technology of separation of solid-liquid and solid-liquid-liquid. This product is suitable with the produced standard design like frame design protecting minimum levels of vibrations and extra-low noise levels, lightness ratio up to 4.30:1, giving an elevated clarification length and volume which is exeptional advantage for processing and vibration sense and monitor system.

In addition, this product also have a high chemical-mechanical quality of stainless-steel, wear-protection in following with the level of abrasion of the suspensions treated, fully-electrical drive system with sharp power flow by shown of Rotovariator (PIERALISI patent) for its automatic operations with automatic operations with minimal consumed energy and vibration separating elements with great damping efficiency. Lastly, it have control and monitoring system which measure the key processing values for the machine.