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600 series:
The 600 Series decanted centrifuges overcome all the technical and technological problems regarding the solid - liquid and solid - liquid - liquid separation. They have the following standard design features:
The casing/frame design ensures that the levels of vibrations are minimum and the noise level is low.
The ratio of slenderness is up to 5.15:1 which provides very large clarification length and volume.
It has a vibration sensing and monitoring system.
It is made up of stainless steel of a very high chemical and mechanical quality.
It has wear protection in accordance with the level of abrasion of the suspension treated.( like sintered Tungsten Carbide segments on the bowl coil and has hard material for product feed zone cake discharge (can be re-positioned or replaced).
It has fully electrical drive system and has a intelligent power flow with the help of the Rotovariator (PIERALISI patent) for automatic operation with low energy consumption.
Specially, designed for suppression of the vibrations and enables to minimize the stress on filtering system, control and monitoring system measuring the...