Flat belt / rubber / variable-speed
PIX-x'set®-VS series Pix Transmissions Limited


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PIX-X’set®-VS Variable Speed Belts are specially designed to withstand high ambient temperature & oily conditions, generally encountered in adjustable speed applications.

PIX Variable Speed Belts are designed for efficient power transmission with minimized wasteful heat generation. A special rubber compound with textile fibers oriented across the length of the Belt provides high stability & minimizes deflection in the cross section. The Belts are oil and heat resistant as well as antistatic. The minimum stretch stiff polyester cords have been designed for heavy power transmission while at the same time ensuring a very high degree of length stability.

• Excellent transverse rigidity and flexibility to prevent bucking at minimum diameter settings where Belt stress is more
• Firm gripping action in the contact areas provide positive traction for precise, immediate response
• Higher power transmission than regular Belts
• Longer service-life
• Facilitates smooth running without excessive vibrations
• Specific Belt-design for maximum longitudinal flexibility
• Temperature range : -18°C to +80°C

Product Range (Section): 17x8, 25x13 / HI, 32x15 / HJ, 38x18 / HK,45x20 / HL, 51x20 / HM, 55x22, 60x25 13x11, 15x9, 19x11, 21x9, 22x16, 30x12
33x22, 38x23, 40x20, 68x24


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