TFT LCD panel PC / resistive touch screen / 1366 x 768 / industrial
TD910 Pixsys



  • Screen type:

    TFT LCD, resistive touch screen

  • Resolution:

    1366 x 768

  • Applications:



The PC Panel TD910 is the top of the range for Pixsys industrial PCs. High performance is guaranteed by an Intel Atom Dual Core processor or alternatively an Intel Celeron Quad Core, by an SDD data disk with a data transfer function and temperature range suitable for industrial use, even in environments with particular mechanical stresses. Two serial Buses (RS232 and RS485) and two ethernet ports 10/100/1000 ensure connectivity to the main field buses. Thanks to the Mini-PCI Express port, accessible through an opening in the casing, the PC's hardware can be expanded by inserting additional modules such as Wi-Fi cards, additional network card, native field bus.