air filter / compressed air / sleeve / self-cleaning
FA series Pizeta - Gruppo Pavan



  • Designed for:

    air, compressed air

  • Filtration element:


  • Other characteristics:

    self-cleaning, dust


The PIZETA self-cleaning filter eliminates the dust from the air in the pneumatic lines used to transport raw materials, or from other dust sources. The dusty air is piped into the chamber containing the bag filters; the speed variation makes the heavy particles drop to the bottom, any residual dust is trapped in the bag filters and the clean air flows out the top of the filter. The layer of dust on the bag filters is eliminated by a jet of compressed air that hits the bag filters in the opposite direction to the airflow at timed intervals. A specific manometer constantly detects the pressure loss between the two zones of the filter (checking the degree of efficiency of the filter bags). The machine consists of a frame and a cylindrical body holding the filter bags, while the bottom may be conical or fitted with a scraper bed.