Rotary filler and capper / for perfumes / for cosmetic products / for liquids
Synchro PKB


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    for perfumes, for cosmetic products, for liquids


PKB SYNCHRO COSMETICS : filling/capping machine up to 50 bpm

The PKB SYNCHRO filling and capping machine for cosmetics has succeeded in meeting the challenge of accomplishing a continuous and bottom-up filling completely synchronized to the intermittent rotation of the turret of this alternative machine (PKB patented process) offering impressive outputs in terms of volumes on an intermittent machine, up to 1.8 tons per hour!

This performance is partly attributable to the choice of dosing technology using mass flowmeter, enhancing PKB SYNCHRO COSMETICS filling lines on several levels:

Substantial saving of filling time since no time is required for recharging the filling circuits.
Ideal prophylaxis due to a linear filling circuit, with no turbulence/disturbance, no retention area, no moving parts and no seals.
Reduced environmental impact in line with customers’ ecological requirements, due to the short linear circuit that minimizes the quantity of product in the circuits at the end of each batch, thus significantly reducing water consumption and effluent discharge.
Saving of space (smaller footprint) : capping and filling are carried out on the same machine ; therefore it avoids any risk of product contamination since the bottles are not transferred uncapped between machines.


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