Activated carbon air filter
200 - 400 m³/h | FILTERKIT PLASTIFER

Activated carbon filter canister Filterkit Series
Small-sized aspiration system made in acid-proof polypropylene and PVC, ideal to filter emissions of solvents, acids and tin plating fumes.
Supplied with centrifugal aspirator made in acid-proof polypropylene, equipped with a high-performance fan statically and dynamically balanced; with acid-proof gaskets that provide protection against fume leakage.
It is supplied with a three-phase, single-phase, adjustable, EEx-d or two-speed motor, and IP55 protection.

Air is filtered when it flows through an effective activated carbon filter placed inside the unit.
It has great adsorption capacity thanks to the carbon plates designed to filter gas discharge in laboratories, and which are exclusively produced and supervised for Plastifer by the world’s leading activated carbon producer.
The adjustable discharge connection can be positioned to conduct the airflow to the outside. The carbon plates can be easily replaced. This system has been specifically designed to suction vapours inside safety cabinets.


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